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Alone Book Cover Design

The book Alone is a collection of the writer's thoughts that she wanted to share with her fans. The author's goal is to share her experiences of love, sadness, and hope through each page as her reader indulges in each piece. 


Book Cover , Illustrations & Print 


Sabrina Evans




The Problem:

Sabrina wanted a modern approach to the design concepts of poetry books. She wanted a design that was unique and fun to read, as well as still being minimalistic and simple. The problem she had was bringing both concepts from opposite sides of the design fence together.

The Solution: 

For the cover and interior design of the book, We chose a light and neutral background and readable sans serif fonts not to distract readers’ attention from the pieces.  We went with minimal shades such as black and white to keep the reader focused on the writing and not too much of the design, all with still bringing across the concept the client needed.


The Illustration Design

The client wanted the readers to feel every emotion as they read each line written in the p[ages. We added color, contrast, and unique illustrations that matched each poem and what it meant to help bring the point across.  Each drawing was done to capture the theme of the poems so readers could visualize the poems. 

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