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Serene Soothing Candles

Serene, soothing candles Caters to the Average woman wanting to endure self-love; their mission is to provide high-quality scented candles that inspire and illuminate their target audience's senses with compelling Aromas.


Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Serene Candles




The Problem:

The client needed help transitioning from a DIY Brand to a brand that would position her in the Market and allow her to show up as the industry expert that she is. The client wanted to be seen as the Go Brand for Soothing Candles.

The Solution:

We were able to build out a brand strategy and design her complete brand identity including Logo and product label Designs. We develop a profitable launch strategy leveraging her brand to convert potential buyers to customers.


The Logo

The client wanted her logo to feel fresh, chic and modern, with a simple recognizable Font. This approachable and Modern design will catch the attention of its target audience and last for a lifetime.

Serene brand identity  (1).png
Serene brand identity .png
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